VRF Central Controller

VRF System Controller

Find comparison on VRF System Central Controllers for all major manufactures. Daikin, Carrier, Toshiba, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Trane, York, LG, Fujitsu, Lennox, The following...

Engineering Videos

The latest in VRF videos about the VRF Industry, VRF Equipment and VRF Systems
VRF Project Cost Tracking 2

VRF Project Cost Tracker

How Much does a VRF System Cost per Ton ($/Ton) or per Square Foot ($/Ft2)? How many Ft2/Ton should you figure? How much does the Electrical Cost per Indoor...
ZoomLock Fitting Cost Analysis

ZoomLock Cost Analysis

ZoomLock Cost Analysis Determining if there is value in using a press-fit joint such as ZoomLock™ requires that you look at several factors that impact cost and quality. We covered...
VRF Manufacture Comparison, Daikin, Mitsubishi, LG, Toshiba, Carrier, Trane, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Hitachi

VRF Manufacture Comparison

VRF Manufacture Comparison With so many VRF manufactures to compare, it’s hard to decipher all the variations between systems. Below you'll find a comparison of VRF manufactures such as, Daikin,...
VRF Case Studies

VRF Case Studies USA

VRF Case Studies USA The following links are for VRF case studies USA from various VRF manufactures. Also see the following for links to VRF Project Videos or VRF Case...
VRF Project Videos

VRF Project Videos – USA

VRF Project Videos Below are links to VRF project videos based on building type and VRF system description. Clink on the building name to watch a video about the project. We...
VRF Heat Pump vs Heat Recovery

When to use a VRF Heat Pump vs VRF Heat Recovery System

VRF Heat Pump or Heat Recovery (How to choose between a VRF Heat Pump or Heat Recovery System) or Packaged DX Scroll to...

VRF Compressor Types

The compressor is the heart of the system and is located within the Outdoor Unit which can be an air or water-cooled VRF system. The Outdoor Unit...
what is vrf variable refrigerant flow

What is VRF?

VRF Wizard provides all information about Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology. We cover everything you need to know about installation, cost estimation, project tracking concerning VRF systems. Continue reading to learn what...
refrigerant recovery machine buyers guide

Refrigerant Recovery Machine Reviews

The following Refrigerant Recovery Machines are listed in alphabetical order. Appion G1 Review Appion G1 Review Appion...
refrigerant recovery machine

Refrigerant Recovery Machines

Refrigerant Recovery Speed Using the 80/20 rule, where we assume that 80% of the refrigerant recovered will be in vapor form and 20% will...
Cool Master Net

CoolAutomation CoolMasterNet – SMART VRF

There is a way to connect your VRF or VRV system into your home or building automation system using the CoolAutomation CoolMasterNet plug and play device. This...