VRF Project Videos – USA

VRF Project Videos

VRF Project Videos

Below are links to VRF project videos based on building type and VRF system description. Clink on the building name to watch a video about the project.

We also have a list of VRF Case Studies spotlighting various building types. These videos and project profiles are great for customer presentations to show project that have adopted this technology. We also have a list of VRF International Project Videos or VRF International Case Studies.


  1. March Air Force Base – LG VRF – Riverside, California, USA


  1. St. James Church – Fujitsu VRF – Raleigh, NC, USA
  2. St. Dominic’s Convent – Fujitsu VRF – Blauvelt, NY, USA


  1. Hampton Inn (VRF Art Cool Mirror Units) – LG
  2. The Marlton Hotel (LG VRF)

Mixed Use

  1. The Mackie Building – LG VRF – (55,000 Ft2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  2. Columbia Square – Los Angeles, CA – LG VRF

Residential – Homes, High-Rise Apartments 

  1. Phoenix Home – Fujitsu VRF – Phoenix, AZ, USA
  2. The Sharpe Building LG VRF (VRF Heat Recovery System) – High-Rise
  3. Tabco Towers – Fujitsu VRF – Residential High-Rise
  4. US Vermont – LG VRF – (VRF Heat Recovery System) – High-Rise, Mixed Use
  5. Discovery at the Realm – Texas – Mixed Use LG VRF – Vertical AHU


  1. Cornish Pastry Restaurants – Fujitsu VRF – Phoenix, AZ, USA


  1. SMouse Opportunity School (VRF Heat Recovery System) – LG
  2. Albert Einstein Academy Middle School (VRF Heat Recovery System) – Toshiba
  3. Shippensburg University – Panasonic VRF – Shippensburg, PA

Senior Living Facility

  1. Senior Living Facility – Panasonic VRF – Fort Myers, FL (ECOi VRF System)

Storage Facility

  1. Storage Facility – Panasonic VRF – Columbia, SC

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