Reftekk Bend Designer Mobile App

Reftekk Bend Designer App
Reftekk Bend Designer App

Reftekk provides labor savings by reducing the amount of fittings required to be brazed. If you are using the braze-free fittings, like ZoomLock, RLS, or SmartLock, you know they are expensive. With the Reftekk system there are no expensive fittings, although you’ll need to purchase the Digi-Bender machine which will pay for itself on the first significant project.

Reftekk provides a free mobile app on iOS and Android to design and accurately bend copper tubing using their Digi-Bender tool. You can easily use this app without any knowledge of the underlying CAD (computer-aided drafting) software. You can download Reftekk’s Bend Designer app from Apple’s App Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android) on your mobile devices, just search for “Bend Designer”.

Reftekk Mobile Bending App
Reftekk Mobile Bending App

With the Bend Designer app and the Digi-Bender you’re not held to the standard angles of traditional fittings. If a traditional 90 or 45 degree elbow won’t work, no worries, the Digi-Bender can bend a piece of copper tubing at just about any angle the project requires, plus there is no brazing at the bends.

Reftekk Bend Designer App Steps

The first step after downloading the Reftekk Bend Designer app and agreeing to their terms

  1. Hit the “Configure Tube” button on the apps front screen.
  2. Choose the angle from 0 to 359 degrees. This is directional information only.
  3. Pick the diameter of the tubing to be bent. To the right of the diameter size will be the tool required to make the bend, which is either the Digi-Bender (5/8” to 1-3/8”) or the 370-FH hand bender tool (1/4” to 1/2”). If you have pipes run parallel to each other, start with the largest size first.
  4. Select the insulation thickness. This will help by providing insulation edge points for layout. Choices are from none to 2-1/2”.
  5. Next hit the button “+ Add Bend” to choose the angle of the first bend.
  6. Add additional bends until you have the configuration you want, then adjust the vertical and horizontal dimensions until you have the exact layout you want. There is a button that allows you to automatically choose the smallest dimension available, which is also what each dimension defaults to when it is first created.
  7. Make sure the total length shown in the upper right hand corner of the screen doesn’t exceed 19 feet, which is the maximum length of the Reftekk copper tubing.
  8. Click “Finish” when you’re ready and verify the information shown on the screen.
  9. See video below for the complete process.
Reftekk Mobile App - Adding Bends and Changing Dimensions
Reftekk Mobile App – Adding Bends and Changing Dimensions

With the mobile app you’re not restricted to just center-line reference points, you can dimension to various other points including the outside location points of the insulation. 

Editing Dimensions

You can edit most of the dimensions to create a custom fabricated length of copper tubing with various configurations and angles while still using just one piece of copper tubing. Of course, you are limited to the length of the Reftekk copper tubing available, which is currently 19 feet, but you’re eliminating many of the required brazed joints.

Easily edit dimensions in the Reftekk mobile app
Easily edit any dimension

The Digi-Bender is used with H55 rigid bendable copper tubing.

Below is a quick video (10 seconds) showing the Reftekk Digi-Bender in action.


Reftekk bendable copper can be used for plumbing, HVAC, med gas, data centers, refrigerant and VRF systems.

Reftekk was awarded the 2020 Dealer Design Award, receiving the Silver medal by ACHR News in their Contractor and Software category for the Reftekk Bend Designer app.


Using the Digi-Bender with Reftekk bendable copper will help eliminate up to 75% of brazed joints, thereby reducing your labor and material costs significantly.

With less joints to braze there will be less leaks, less nitrogen purging and fewer warranty call-backs. With fewer brazes there is also less chance of oxidation in the tubing which can cause compressor failure.

Using the Bend Designer App from Reftekk for bending their copper tubing will increase the accuracy and simplicity of various field installation challenges by allowing precision measurements within the application. The application provides the exact locations to mark the tubing for the proper angle required and allows for multiple bends on a single piece of rigid H55 bendable copper tubing.

There are several training videos that provide for a quick start to using the Reftekk Bend Designer application for labor and material saving bends.

The Reftekk Bend Designer app is available for free in the Apple App store and the Google play store.

Here is a 19 minute video showing how easy the Reftekk mobile app is.


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