ZoomLock Max vs RLS

RLS vs ZoomLock Max

On August 13, 2020, the inventor and manufacturer of the original ZoomLock fittings – RLS, LLC – announced it was ending its relationship with Parker-Hannifin and will...
Reftekk Bend Designer App

Reftekk Bend Designer Mobile App

Reftekk provides labor savings by reducing the amount of fittings required to be brazed. If you are using the braze-free fittings, like ZoomLock, RLS, or SmartLock, you...
SmartLock Fitting

SmartLock Fitting

SmartLock Fitting Review There is another ACR fitting available that eliminates brazing in refrigerant systems called the SmartLock fitting. We will review the SmartLock...
VRF for Residential Homes and Commercial Buildings

VRF Heat Recovery vs VRF Heat Pumps for Homes and Commercial Properties

Should you install a VRF Heat Recovery or VRF Heat Pump system for a Residential home or commercial property? We will discuss three options...
coronavirus and the heating season

Is Your Heater making you Sick

Is your building too dry inside, thereby providing life sustaining low humidity levels for the Coronavirus or other viruses to live? Researchers at Yale identify...
Nitrogen Purge ACR Tubing Recovered

Why Purge ACR Piping with Nitrogen when Brazing

Why its important to purge ACR piping in a VRF system