VRF for Residential Homes and Commercial Buildings

VRF Heat Recovery vs VRF Heat Pumps for Homes and Commercial Properties

Should you install a VRF Heat Recovery or VRF Heat Pump system for a Residential home or commercial property? We will discuss three options...
coronavirus and the heating season

Is Your Heater making you Sick

Is your building too dry inside, thereby providing life sustaining low humidity levels for the Coronavirus or other viruses to live? Researchers at Yale identify...
Nitrogen Purge ACR Tubing Recovered

Why Purge ACR Piping with Nitrogen when Brazing

Why its important to purge ACR piping in a VRF system
VRF Ventilation Sensible Heat Ratio and Latent Heat

Ventilation and VRF Sensible Heat Ratio

Ventilation for VRF Systems Ventilation (outside air) can create havoc on occupant comfort if your VRF system isn’t sized or capable of handling the...
How to Calculate Total Heat Transfer Cooling Coil

How to Calculate Cooling Coil Heat Transfer

This formula will show you how to calculate the total heat transfer from a cooling coil. The calculation for this is as follows; BTUH(t)...
VRF Cost Estimating Spreadsheet

HVAC Estimating Spreadsheet

Having an HVAC VRF Estimating Spreadsheet that automates portions of your estimates saves you valuable time that you could use to make more sales. All aspects of the cost of furnishing...