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How to Calculate Cooling Coil Heat Transfer How to Calculate COP & KW per Ton
ASHRAE Study on Mechanical Piping Joints

ASHRAE Study on Mechanical Piping Joints

ASHRAE looked at three types of flame-free mechanical joints that are used in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, which included; Press/crimp fittings, compression fittings, and flare fittings. They also included...
Refrigerant piping Insulation Best practices

Refrigerant Piping Insulation

Refrigerant piping insulation has historically escaped the scrutiny that it has found itself under recently in some jurisdictions. What could possibly be such a big deal with plain old...
VRF Project Cost Tracking

VRF Project Cost Tracker

How Much does a VRF System Cost per Ton ($/Ton) or per Square Foot ($/Ft2)? How many Ft2/Ton should you figure? How much does the Electrical Cost per Indoor...
Reftekk Bendable Piping

Reftekk Piping

Reftekk Integrated Piping Solutions You may have heard of ZoomLock and LokRing for refrigerant pipe fittings, but have you heard of Reftekk? The Reftekk Bendable Piping Solution is another way...
Mitsubishi VRF Hybrid System

Mitsubishi VRF Hybrid System

This Mitsubishi Hybrid VRF System is a Heat Recovery System that uses Refrigerant on the primary side of the branch controller box and water on the secondary side to...