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A mixed use building in Downtown Milwaukee Wisconsin the Mackie Building is an 55,000 square-foot historic building complete with restaurants, businesses and residential spaces which is using the LG VRF system HVAC Sheet Metal Courses Online
https://youtu.be/HmZHU1YEsNY Zoomlock or RLS versus Brazed Fittings and Joints https://youtu.be/-h-h_s9heiU
VRF Project: US Vermont Building Type: Residential High-Rise, Mixed Use Location: Los Angeles, California, USA VRF System: LG VRF Heat Recovery https://youtu.be/LSptvyst_Gk
VRF Project: St. Dominic's Convent Building Type: Convent Location: Blauvelt, NY USA VRF System: Fujitsu Airstage VRF https://youtu.be/PIT0iSJzTnw?list=PL-uzL1sUtCJ0W7XXJ8706Y9a1jKVxuVoG
VRF Project: Tabco Towers Building Type: Residential High-Rise (22 Stories) Location: Towson, MD, USA VRF System: Fujitsu VRF Heat Recovery VR-II https://youtu.be/0HRP_HIqg8c?list=PL-uzL1sUtCJ0W7XXJ8706Y9a1jKVxuVoG
VRF Project: Phoenix Home Building Type: Residential Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA VRF System: Fujitsu Airstage VRF J-II Series https://youtu.be/ZXTr1x3fHsQ?list=PL-uzL1sUtCJ0W7XXJ8706Y9a1jKVxuVoG
VRF Project: Cornish Pastry Restaurant Building Type: Restaurant Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA VRF System: Fujitsu - Airstage VRF https://youtu.be/FjTHpvDYaAk?list=PL-uzL1sUtCJ0W7XXJ8706Y9a1jKVxuVoG
VRF Project: St. James Church Building Type: Airport Location: Raleigh, NC., USA VRF System: Fujitsu - VRF Airstage https://youtu.be/CkjcXZEN2No?list=PL-uzL1sUtCJ0W7XXJ8706Y9a1jKVxuVoG