VRF Installation with Mighty Bracket

mighty bracket

The Mighty Bracket™ makes installations of wall mounted air conditioners capable of being done by one person safely. No need for someone to hold the wall mounted A/C unit like this guy below, while you make the piping or wiring connections, freeing your hands to do the necessary work.

Mighty Bracket Easy Install
Avoid what he is doing, and get the Mighty Bracket™ for easier installs.

Doing VRF Mini-split system installations with the Mighty Bracket™ will save you time and money. Not only will you save money, but the Mighty Bracket will increase the safety of installations, as you won’t need to support the wall mounted air conditioner with your hands as you work.

Mighty Bracket Rectorseal


  • Allows single person installation
  • Simple clip on support
  • Doesn’t damage walls
  • Used on most brands of Mini-Splits
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Inclodes tote bag

Note: When installing the indoor unit’s mounting plate, ensure that the correct hardware is used. If hung on drywall, it is recommended to attach the plate to a stud, making certain that the tab area is securely attached to the wall. Add more screws around mounting plate tabs for heavy units. Always install mounting plate according to the manufacturer’ published instructions. Get the Mighty Bracket today and save on straining.

Warning: Bracket not to be used for weight above 100 pounds.

The Mighty Bracket


The Mighty Bracket™ is a trademark of RectorSeal®

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