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Converting to Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) from an existing Carrier Rooftop Packaged DX unit has been made much easier with the Toshiba Carrier 40QQ VRF Rooftop Packaged Unit. The Carrier 40QQ VRF units come in 3, 4...
This Mitsubishi Hybrid VRF System is a Heat Recovery System that uses Refrigerant on the primary side of the branch controller box and water on the secondary side to the indoor units. This VRF system mixes the best of...
VRF Heat Recovery - Single Port Branch Selector Box

VRF Heat Recovery System

VRF Heat Recovery System Using a VRF Heat Recovery system allows you to provide simultaneous cooling and heating. This means that one zone can be in cooling mode while another is in heating. This is not possible with a VRF...
Project: Smouse Opportunity School Building Type: School Location: Des Moines, Iowa VRF System: LG Equipment: • Multi V Water IV Heat Recovery • High Static Ducted Units • 4- Way Ceiling Cassette • Cased and Uncased Vertical Console Units • BACNet Gateway • Remote Temperature Sensor https://youtu.be/_Hk0jQVGsxU
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