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VRF Case Studies International The following are (VRF) Variable Refrigerant Flow case studies from around the world. These HVAC air conditioning projects vary by building type and systems, but they all share the use of VRF technology. Sorted by VRF Project...
What are the difficulties of Installing a VRF system in a Senior Living Facility? The difficulty with this VRF project is that the existing senior living facility is occupied. There are two buildings in this senior facility, one classified for...
VRF Project: US Vermont Building Type: Residential High-Rise, Mixed Use Location: Los Angeles, California, USA VRF System: LG VRF Heat Recovery https://youtu.be/LSptvyst_Gk
VRF Project: Phoenix Home Building Type: Residential Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA VRF System: Fujitsu Airstage VRF J-II Series https://youtu.be/ZXTr1x3fHsQ?list=PL-uzL1sUtCJ0W7XXJ8706Y9a1jKVxuVoG
VRF Project: St. James Church Building Type: Airport Location: Raleigh, NC., USA VRF System: Fujitsu - VRF Airstage https://youtu.be/CkjcXZEN2No?list=PL-uzL1sUtCJ0W7XXJ8706Y9a1jKVxuVoG
VRF Project: March Air Force Base Building Type: Airport Location: Riverside, California, USA VRF System: Toshiba - VRF Heat Recovery https://youtu.be/4tliO98r-gY?list=PLG1E0NGo9APa0dWp1tm2pjUI_SzROpRYi