VRF Project: Tabco Towers Building Type: Residential High-Rise (22 Stories) Location: Towson, MD, USA VRF System: Fujitsu VRF Heat Recovery VR-II https://youtu.be/0HRP_HIqg8c?list=PL-uzL1sUtCJ0W7XXJ8706Y9a1jKVxuVoG
VRF Project Videos Below are links to VRF project videos based on building type and VRF system description. Clink on the building name to watch a video about the project. We also have a list of VRF Case Studies spotlighting various building...
This is a case study of the Torres Cepsa in Spain that uses a VRF system.https://youtu.be/uTVXzVTdwgQ?list=PLBtp_AFLHDXHnr-DGeaj5cqr4EsuB5gI7
VRF Project: St. Dominic's Convent Building Type: Convent Location: Blauvelt, NY USA VRF System: Fujitsu Airstage VRF https://youtu.be/PIT0iSJzTnw?list=PL-uzL1sUtCJ0W7XXJ8706Y9a1jKVxuVoG
VRF Project: March Air Force Base Building Type: Airport Location: Riverside, California, USA VRF System: Toshiba - VRF Heat Recovery https://youtu.be/4tliO98r-gY?list=PLG1E0NGo9APa0dWp1tm2pjUI_SzROpRYi  
VRF Project: St. James Church Building Type: Airport Location: Raleigh, NC., USA VRF System: Fujitsu - VRF Airstage https://youtu.be/CkjcXZEN2No?list=PL-uzL1sUtCJ0W7XXJ8706Y9a1jKVxuVoG
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